How to replace a substring in Visual Basic?

OK, I am extremely sorry for my noisiness but I have a question involving the string replace function in Visual Basic. Though this seems simple, and probably is, I have searched everywhere and no found an answer. Here is my question:

I have a Visual Basic script for my project. I have a rich text box named 'sample'

Dim string1 as string = "text to find"
Dim string2 as string = "text to replace find with"
Dim mediacurrent as string

mediacurrent = sample.text

mediacurrent.replace(string1, string2)

sample.text = mediacurrent

The above script returns a blank text box. Note the text box is rich and contains non-formatted but multiline text. What am I doing wrong?


Strings are immutable in .NET, the Replace method returns the new value, it doesn't modify the original string on which it was called. You need to reassign it, like this:

mediacurrent = mediacurrent.Replace(string1, string2)


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