Regex (grep) matching words made of exactly these letters

I'm trying to grep a list of words and match those that have exactly some letters, no matter the order, but does matter the cuantity, for example, given these letters:

{ a, a, r, f, y, h, l }

over the list


should return


I don't know if this can be done with regexes or must script something, any aproach is welcome.


Handle the quantity restrictions using negative look aheads, one for each letter, and word boundaries either end of a simple character class


See live demo, including matching words within longer lines.

The use of \W stops the look ahead running off the end of the word.

Same approach as Bohemian, just a bit shorter due to the use of back references:



Alphabetically sort the characters in each word; then you can use a straightforward regex /^a?a?f?h?l?r?y?$/ (make sure the letters in the regex are in alphabetical order).

This AWK script will filter the words on stdin (one word per line):

awk 'function sort(s,z){l=split(s,a,"");asort(a);while(l)z=a[l--]z;return z;}sort($0)~/^a?a?f?h?l?r?y?$/'


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