Transliteration from Hindi to English on Android without using Google API

I want to transliterate Hindi text into English in following way

Hindi - "आपका स्वागत है"


English - "aapka swagat hain"

I don't want to use Google's Translate API or any other translate API. If I use them it will end up giving me the translated version of my hindi text which is "Welcome".

Is there any Transliterate library which I can use in my Android code?

I've heard of ICU but no luck in finding the procedure to use it in my code.


One potential way to solve the problem is to break it into two solvable ones and marry the two.

There are Hindi readers which can read Hindi devanagari script.

There are also dictating engines that phonetically transcribe in English.

E.g. when someone leaves a message on my Vonage phone line in Gujarati, it records the audio, generates English text and emails me the wav file and the text. Mind you, when reading the text message it can occasionally be hilariously funny because Vonage assumes it is supposed to be in English, I am expecting the message to be in English, but after reading the message I realize it is Gujarati.

Google 'hindi reader for android' and 'phonetic transcription' for more info. If a Hindi reader could output a wav file which can be used as input to the transcription piece, then it may be a solution to your problem.


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