signalR connection failing when trying to connect with cross domain hosted signalr service

I am trying to consume signalR on a website. SignalR is a self hosted service. SignalR url:

Website is running @

I am getting error on browser console

GET 404 (Not Found)

This error tells me that proxy that the code below is trying to generate is using website url i.e. relative path. However I want to use absolute path where my signalR service is hosted.

AngularJS Factory

app.factory("signalRService", ['$', '$rootScope', function ($, $rootScope) {
    var proxy;
    var connection;

    return {
        connect: function () {
            connection = $.hubConnection();
            proxy = connection.createHubProxy('myHub');
            proxy.on('addMessage', function (tags) {
                $rootScope.$broadcast('addMessage', tags);
        send: function () {

I also added javascript reference for this.

<script src=""></script>

To validate if my self hosting is running file. I checked on browser

enter image description here


What you are missing is a bit of configuration of the proxy:

connection = $.hubConnection('http://localhost:8080/signalr');

How to generalize on that piece of code (the url could be an argument of your connect method, or whatever fits your Angular strategy) is up to you.


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