Optional argument in sh script

I wonder if there is any way to execute script with argument that can be optional. For example

./script (optional parameter X) path

So typing ./script /Users/name/Documents would execute certain function (I assume that if statement will be crucial) and ./script X Users/mcichecki/Documents will execute another function. I was trying to do it with optional arguments and it didn't work:


    if [ "$1" = "X" ];


If the optional argument were last you could use default values. It doesn't work so well when it is first.

Use $# to check the number of arguments that were passed in.

case $# in
    1) ARG1=-R; ARG2=$1;;
    2) ARG1=$1; ARG2=$2;;

    *) echo "Usage: $0 [parameterX] path" >&2; exit 1;;


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