Turn off Hammer JS events in Angular 2 to allow scrolling

I am using Hammer JS for swipeleft and swiperight events, but the user still needs to be able to scroll up and down. I was able to capture the swipeup and swipedown events, but what I really want to do is disable them (and panup and pandown). How would I do that inside of Angular 2?

Under Manager there is a method off that unbinds an event, I just don't know how to call this from within Angular 2.

Manager off method doc

Or is there another way to override Hammer JS to allow normal scrolling?


These links pointed me in the right direction:

In my module.ts I added the following:

import { HammerGestureConfig, HAMMER_GESTURE_CONFIG } from '@angular/platform-browser';

declare var Hammer: any;

export class MyHammerConfig extends HammerGestureConfig {
    buildHammer(element: HTMLElement) {
        let mc = new Hammer(element, {
            touchAction: "pan-y",
        return mc;

    providers: [
        { provide: HAMMER_GESTURE_CONFIG, useClass: MyHammerConfig }


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