Convert HTML in JSON file with Angular

Now I know to use ngSanitize and ng-bind-html, but can I use it with ng-repeat where I have the following logic:

<div ng-repeat="(k, v) in specs.webdev">
    United Kingdom Apply Here:

specs (where I have multiple html tags) is retrieved from JSON file with $http.get and parsed with .then. So, values in "job-title", "job-body", "job-apply" contain HTML tags that I'm trying to display here.

How can I use ng-bind-html here?


If I understand well, just doing

<div ng-repeat="(k, v) in specs.webdev">
  <h3 ng-bind-html="::v['job-title']"></h3>
  <p ng-bind-html="::v['job-body']"></p>
  United Kingdom Apply Here:
  <p ng-bind-html="::v['job-title']"></p>

That will render the content of v['job-title'] and other properties as HTML


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