Angular $location search does not work always

I'm having a problem I can't seem to understand why it is happening:

I have an angular app where one of the routes is defined in the route provider as

 .when('/pageA/:item1', {templateUrl:xxx, reloadOnSearch:false})

I have a service function which in turn is using the following code:

var targetUrl = '/pageA/'+item1;

The problem is that if the user is at a page with a location different than pageA, the url is correct and I Can see both values, item1 and item2. However, if the user is already at pageA and there iis only a change in item1 and item2, the resulting url does not include the search object item2.

Can anyone explain this ?



if you want to catch the change in url, even in the same page, set reloadOnSearch to true


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