Continuing a BASH script after error

This script works well in finding what I need, but there are occassions where a 404 error just kills everything.

 set +e

 exec 7<foo.txt
 exec 8<bar.tmp

 echo "Retrieving data"

 while read line1 <&7 && read line2 <&8

 echo "beginning... retrieving files from d list"
 echo "this WILL take a while"

 echo $line1
 echo $line2

 wget -e  robots=off -t1 -r -p -Q20k --wait=30 --random-wait --limit-rate=200k -np -U "$line1"  http://$line2/page.html

 cp /home/user/testing/*.html /home/user/production

 echo "done"

 exec 7<&-
 exec 8<&-

I want to continue the script because even though this site, known as $line2 has a 404, the others don't.

I have done the "set +e", and even ran the script with "|| true", all stopping after the error. Because of the 404, there are no files to copy - and then it fails to go onto the next site.

Any suggestions?


What I found works is this:

if [ ! -d "/home/user/production" ]; then
    continue           #continue the loop.


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