laravel file manager doesn't show uploaded images

I have a problem with laravel file manager and i couldn't find anyway to solve it.

My project has developed via laravel 5. I use CKEditor for publishing articles in my site. I added laravel file manager to CKEditor to make it possible to upload image in my article. It was ok and there was no error for 2 months, but from one week ago I have this problem. The problem is: The images are uploading correctly. I see them in the corresponding folders.

But nothing shows up in the file manager. When uploading a picture the page doesn't refresh and keep saying it's uploading.

Also when I open any folder in laravel file manager it returns 500 internal server error.

There are others that have the same problem.

Maybe this link is useful:


Upgrade laravel file manager. So follow below steps to make it working:

composer update unisharp/laravel-filemanager
 php artisan vendor:publish --tag=lfm_view --force
 php artisan vendor:publish --tag=lfm_public --force
 php artisan vendor:publish --tag=lfm_config --force

Clear browser cache if page is broken after upgrading.


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