TinyMCE Image Upload with Laravel, without File Manager

I am using TinyMCE as rich-text editor and when I click on image/video buttons, I want to upload it on server, which is Laravel. All the guides online shows using a file manager, however I don't want to use a File Manager in between. I want user to directly upload the image (using ajax?) and so that the image gets imported in the editor without page refresh.

I got confused where to start. Is there a way to directly uploading the image so that the user can instantly use the image/video in the editor? If so, what is the way to achieve that?


Checkout justboilme on justboil.me, that's the best I know for including images in tinymce

use tinyMCE.get('editor1').getContent(); to get the content of the tinymce plugin So your script could be something like this Where editor1 is the id of your textarea where you initialized tinymce on

    var tinymce_content = tinyMCE.get('editor1').getContent()
        content: tinymce_content
        //what to do when request is complete


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