how to display uploaded image file name from database when going to edit(Codeigniter)

I know how to upload image to database and show the image name in the view. Now I need to know how I display image name when going to Edit that Database.

My Create_Edit_Floor.php ---->

<tr><!--Edit by Yesh | Upload floor image-->
        <td width='20%'>Floor Map <span class='star'> * </span></td>
        <td width='5%'>:</td> 
        <td width='20%'><?=form_upload('emergency_img')?></td>
        <td><span id="error"><?=isset($upload_file_error) ? $upload_file_error : ''; ?></span></td>
</tr><!--Edit by Yesh--> 

I think, I need to pass something inside the <?form_upload?>


First, if you are saving images into db you're doing it wrong.

then, if you really need to save them inside db, you have to run a query to the db to get the images as SQL result and then show them like (i guess you are saving the binary image into db)

<img src="" />

I really suggest you to not save images into the db, usually i save the filename but not the image itself, cause images should be linked to let the browser cache them

just my 2 cents


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