Error: Cannot read property 'getCookie' of null when making http requests

I get this error Cannot read property 'getCookie' of null, whenever i try to make an http request. I was initially informed it could be due to using an old version of nativescript. I have updated all i can update and still have the same issue. (versions: nativescript-angular: 1.0.0, angular/http: 2.0.0)

This question looks similar but it doesn't seem to have any ties with nativescript and i couldn't really understand the only given answer. Thanks in advance.


Importing NativeScriptHttpModule should do the job. Here is the code snippet.

import {NativeScriptHttpModule} from "nativescript-angular/http";

providers: [NativeScriptHttpModule]

if you have newest versions, quite possible that problem is same as here

In short: Try change all "HTTP_PROVIDERS" to "NS_HTTP_PROVIDERS"


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