Cron script Prestashop (php)

I need to make a cron script ('cron_script.php') that updates a XML. The static functions that make this are defined in my main module class 'xmlmodule.php'.

My problem is the cron script doesn't run module class with 'require' or 'require_once'. The prestashop configuration values are not loaded in script so is always exiting. If I comment the 'if' statement for check '_PS_VERSION_' I have an error output because is not finding the 'Module' class.

Here is my module main class ('xmlmodule.php'):


if (!defined('_PS_VERSION_')) {

class XmlModule extends Module {
    //Module functions

And this is my cron script:

ini_set('display_errors', 1);
ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1);

echo "Before require once </br>";
require_once('xmlmodule.php'); //This exits the script
echo "<h2>Prueba CRON updateFeed</h2>"; //Never executed

I'm executing it locally with curl and crontab and my PrestaShop version is 1.6 with PHP7.0. I know about modules use cron scripts but I can find anything of code for see how to do it.

Does anyone know? Thanks a lot.


I guess you could try including these prestashop files inside your xmlmodule.php

require_once($site_base_path . 'config/'); 
require_once($site_base_path . 'init.php');

This way, your script will have access to all the neede prestashop classes , constants etc.

in PrestaShop cron always add at the beginning:


If the cron is module is fine as I wrote it, or increase or decrease the "../" directory.

With that include the function of PrestaShop global functions and variables


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