How to find .tpl file of navbar

I am struggling to find the file of my prestashop page navigation bar.

Code snippet example

I need to delete the title tag and after two hours of searching i failed. anybody have any ideas ?


To clarify it: I need to remove the span title appearing after hovering category on my side navigation block on homepage. Picture: Side nav block


Please find the root/themes/your_current_themes folder.


Please find the root/modules/ folder. May be you can find this.

You can use any search tools: such as grepwin or any others.

You'll find the navigation bar in the breadcrumb.tpl of your installed template.
For the default theme: prestashop/themes/default-bootstrap/breadcrumb.tpl

Looking your code that isn't the breadcrumb but the blockcategories module. So you have to edit this file category-tree-branch.tpl that is in this location (if there isn't the override):

Otherwise (if there is the override):

I hope this helps


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