How to insert data into mysql in prestashop 1.6

Dear: Helper I try to insert data from mymodulenameValidationModuleFrontController extends ModuleFrontController class in validation.php. i want get some data to new table that i already created in mysql when my payment get way is complete but i can't insert anyone help me please?

this is my function

public function getOrderInfo($point_id){

        $insertData = array(
         'point_id'  => $point_id,

 if (!Db::getInstance()->insert(_DB_PREFIX_."order_info", $insertData)) echo "errors insert data";

I errors insert data all time.


A first error I see is that you use _DB_PREFIX_ in front of your table name. You should not put a prefix, Prestashop will add it for you later in insert() method.

If there is still an error please, add the structure of your table in your question. Also add a var_dump of your $insertData array.


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