update a label in realtime with a respond from a function

I have create a fft plugin that returns me magnitudes from realtime mic input. When a show this magnitudes in the console works all fine. But i want show this magnitudes on the screen for this i want update a label for the first time.

var view = require("ui/core/view");
var FFt = require('fft')

Demo.prototype.pageLoaded = function(args) {
var page = args.object;

    var lbl = view.getViewById(page ,"fft");

var fft = new FFT()

    fft.run(function (magnitude) {

        console.log(magnitude); // this works

        lbl.text = magnitude // this not working



76:20: -155.6750946044922
76:20: -158.35105895996094
76:20: -145.52996826171875


<Page xmlns="http://schemas.nativescript.org/tns.xsd" loaded="pageLoaded" actionBarHidden="true" backgroundSpanUnderStatusBar="true">
        <label id="fft" text="This is Label!" />


Is there a other workaround for this?


Based on your scenario I have created a view model for your magnitude.. then you can simply bind it o your label using the page bindinContext.

For example:


var observable = require("data/observable");
var MagnitudeModel = (function (_super) {
    __extends(MagnitudeModel, _super);
    function MagnitudeModel() {
        this._magnitude = "-150.020313164"; // your default value
    Object.defineProperty(MagnitudeModel.prototype, "magnitude", {
        get: function () {
            return this._magnitude;
        set: function (value) {
            this._magnitude = value;
            this.notifyPropertyChange("magnitude", value);
        enumerable: true,
        configurable: true
    MagnitudeModel.prototype.changeMagnitude = function (newValue) {
        this._magnitude = newValue;
        this.notifyPropertyChange("magnitude", newValue);
    return MagnitudeModel;
exports.MagnitudeModel = MagnitudeModel;


import { EventData, Observable } from "data/observable";
import { Page } from "ui/page";
import { MagnitudeModel } from "./magnitude-view-model";

var viewModel = new MagnitudeModel();

export function onLoaded(args: EventData) {
    var page = <Page>args.object;

    page.bindingContext = viewModel;

    // for testing purposes to test the data-binding on every two seconds 
    setInterval(function() {
        var oldMagnityude = viewModel.get("magnitude");
        var newMagnitude = parseFloat(oldMagnityude) + 20;
    }, 2000);


<Page xmlns="http://schemas.nativescript.org/tns.xsd" loaded="onLoaded" actionBarHidden="true" backgroundSpanUnderStatusBar="true">
        <Label text="{{ magnitude }}" />

Try doing it like this:

var page = args.object;
var lbl = page.getViewById("fft");

Run the getViewById from page, not view.


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