ironWorker not inserting to my database

How to connect to my UserController.php? Im using app/views.

My code in app/views/iron/hello_worker.php

    // Worker code can be anything you want.
    echo "Starting HelloWorker at ".date('r')."\n";
    echo "payload:";
    $payload = getPayload();

    $test = new Tests;
    $test->content = " testing";

    for ($i = 1; $i <= 5; $i++) {
        echo "Sleep $i\n";
    echo "HelloWorker completed at ".date('r');

I have made it work, but it has error in dashboard PHP Fatal error: Class 'Tests' not found in /mnt/task/hello_worker.php on line 8


Do you upload 1 file or entire project? You have to upload entire project. Also take a look at this packet.


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