How to read a file and store it a memory using python

I need to Read the master file, store the records into memory. Read the transaction file, check if the record exist in the memory. If record does not exist in the memory, it will write the record into output file.

I want to read the following file and store it in memory

emp_id emp_name manager_id department_name 1 A 0 CEO - Office 2 B 1 President - Office 3 C 1 President - Office 4 D 1 President - Office 5 E 2 IT 6 F 2 IT 7 G 2 IT 8 H 3 IT 9 I 3 IT 10 J 3 IT 11 K 5 IT 12 L 5 IT 13 M 5 IT 14 N 6 IT 15 O 6 IT 16 P 12 IT 17 Q 12 IT 18 R 12 IT 19 S 16 FINANCE 20 T 16 FINANCE


In general:

with open(file_name, 'r') as f:

That read the entire file. Or,

with open(file_name, 'r') as f:
    for line in f:
        # process a line at a time

With more specifics, you will get a more specific answer.


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