Blank page after fresh phpBB 3.1.3 install

I've got a problem after installing phpBB Version 3.1.3 on my webspace. Everytime when I access the admin panel out of the installer after a fresh installation the admin panel works perfectly - until I log out and / or delete the /install/ directory (wich is required). Then, when I try to access the /adm/ directory again, I get a blank page. Enabling PHP debug resolves in no errors what so ever.

I already googled my a** off, trying to find a solution or even a useful hint to this problem. It also seems to be very common - but I couldn't find a solution yet. Anyone ever got the same problem and knows a solution or at least some suggestions?

My webspace runs PHP version 5.3.27 and MySQL / MySQLi 5.1.73

Thanks in advance!


the /adm directory of phpBB is deliberately not accessible by typing the url without a valid session id for security purposes, you need to use the link from the site which includes your current session id as a GET parameter.

Also when you log out and then back in again you are assigned a new id number.

phpBB Version 3.1.3 requires PHP version 5.3.3+ Also you may have not enabled the error reporting. You can set PHP error reporting on by writing the following lines;

If php.ini,

error_reporting  =  E_ALL
display_errors = On

If .htaccess,

php_value error_reporting       2039
php_flag  display_errors        on


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