Ionic Select option and retrive its value on second page

i am very new to ionic and angularjs. i am using ionic 1 and i want to get a value after make a selection from dropdown..after i select and click next button, the other page will show the name of item that i select.this is on first page. on the second page i want it display communication if i select it on 1st page. i know this is the wrong way..can help me?

<label class="item item-input item-select">
<div class="input-label">
  Initiative A
    <option selected></option>


You can get the selected option using ng-modal.

<select ng-modal="selectedValue">
  <option selected></option>

Now you will get the selected option on controller by $scope.selectedValue.

You can pass this value to next page using $rootScope or as stateParam.

In first controller,

.controller('myCtrl1',function($scope, $rootScope){      
      $rootScope.myValue = $scope.selectedValue;

In second controller,

.controller('myCtrl2',function($scope, $rootScope){      
      $scope.selectedValue = $rootScope.myValue; 

You can display this value in second page HTML like {{selectedValue}}

Save the value in $rootScope

          $rootScope.myValue= "communication(i.e, use ng-modal)"

and access it like this

alert("what is my value? " + $rootScope.myValue);


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