Python Tweepy: Twitter Api saying that /users/lookup does not exist

I'm making a research application which studies interactions between twitter users with high authority. Part of it is extracting information about the users. I built an application using Tweepy for Python and I've been extracting user information for that past 2 days without any porblems. All of a sudden for a request like:

I get back

[{u'message': u'Sorry, that page does not exist', u'code': 34}].

Does anyone know what might be wrong?


Here's how to use the Tweepy lookup_users method:

>>> api = tweepy.API(auth)
>>> test = api.lookup_users(user_ids=['1123728482,5539932'])
>>> test
[<tweepy.models.User object at 0x103995090>, <tweepy.models.User object at 0x1039950d0>]

users_list = api.lookup_users(user_ids=id_list)
for user in users_list:
   print user.screen_name

You can try this and the id_list is a list of user IDs. You can also refer to tweepy how to get a username from id

Your code is probably working, getting a 34 error is common when people close or change accounts and you need to wrap your code in try/except to deal with that. Other than that the code from The RG should do the trick.


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