Google Maps distance server-side

I've used Google Maps API in Javascript many times, but now I need to get the distance between two addresses server-side, and I can't find good documentation on how to achieve this.

I found this: Google Maps APIs > Web Services > Distance Matrix API

But I'm not convinced that it's up to the task or how to use it.

I need the distance by car, for example travelling between these two addresses should result 22.4 km.


Flemmingvej 22, 8762 Flemming, Danmark


Ormedamsvej 3, 8660 Skanderborg, Danmark

This would be easy for me in Javascript. But Server-side in a Winforms project (VB.NET or C#)... not so much :-/


Google Maps Distance Matrix API is the indicated API for the job as it

provides travel distance and time for a matrix of origins and destinations, based on the recommended route between start and end points

You need to query it through HTTP and you will get a JSON or XML response so you can use it in your VB.NET, C# or whatever language you want if you write and perform the HTTP request and manage the XML or JSON result.

You can pass several optional parameters to refine your query (for example, mode will let you specify the mode of transport, with driving as default).

There are also Client Libraries for Google Maps Web Services that you can use to query the service (currently Java, Python, Go and Node.js).


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