dynamic drop down menu disappearing

i know this has been asked a few times here already and i have read through all of the question and answers, and tried all of the suggestions in an attempt to fix this. I have been trying now for three weeks and i am going to have to admit defeat and ask for help. I think that the other solutions haven't worked because my site is built using an adobe Business Catalyst template. the hover is on About Us and Experience, the sub menu just disappears really quickly.

any help would be hugely appreciated


You really should provide some more code, including your css for the menu's and hover actions. I did a quick play with styles and found that if you increase your line-height greater than 1.5 you'll get a smooth transition (Only tried Chrome). It looks like there is a gap between your drop down and the main menu bar. When the cursor is between the two it's no longer on the hover.

#navigation ul {
  list-style: none;
  line-height: 1.5;

It's not a perfect fix but should lead you in the right direction.


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