Vertical progress bar in android

I want to make a vertical progress bar in android while performing a particular action. The progress should start from from 1st icon and end in the final icon sh0wing steady progress. I cant seem to find a way to do it.

if any body can help get one foot in the door . I will be highly obliged.


It's a bit hard to tell the transition you are trying to attempt between those two images. So you want to start with the B/W image, but does it transition from B/W to Color by cross-fading, or do you slowly want to apply pieces of the color image from the bottom up over the B/W piece?

If the latter is your choice, then your actual image will comprise of two drawables together inside a <layer-list>. One static, and the other representing a ClipDrawable that will reveal a portion of the color image based on its level value. For example, create an XML file:


<layer-list xmlns:android="" >
    <bitmap android:src=""/>

Then set that Drawable on something like an ImageView to display the progress, and change the value with calls to setLevel(), i.e.

//This is any view subclass that you have chosen to do this
ImageView progress;


//Adjust the progress by adjusting the drawable's level
// -- OR --

Drawable levels are set by default from 0 to 10,000 to represent fully clipped to fully revealed.


you could use a LevelListDrawable and set the level using setLevel(int)

You can add continous frames of the progressbar in levellistddrawable and keep incrementing the level.

The best way I can think of to do that is to use the original bitmap as a background and then draw parts of the finished image over it from the bottom up. This way you don't need a bunch of different images--just incrementally draw the finished image. I think it can be done with something like this:

// setup
// assuming firstImage is the initial one and secondImage is the final one
int totalHeight = firstImage.getHeight();
Canvas canvas = new Canvas(firstImage);
ImageView imgView = (ImageView)findViewById(;
Rect src = new Rect (0, totalHeight, 
                     firstImage.getWidth(), totalHeight);

// then on each update
void updateFlameBar(float percentage) {
    int height = (int)(totalHeight * percentage); = totalHeight - height;
    canvas.drawBitmap(secondImage, src, src, null);


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