How do I write Facebook apps using Django?

Am in the process of developing some app for Facebook using Django! I've started first by building the app in Django and its shaping up pretty well, now am wondering how can I make it a Facebook app.

I would really appreciate real world example for Facebook apps made with Django.


I just saw the presentation of Mr. Eric Florenzano at Pycon 2010, and he talks about a side project he did on facebook using django.

From PYCON 2010:

If you've been using Django for any amount of time, you've probably learned some pretty standard practices on how to use it. This talk aims to shatter those conceptions and teach you alternative ways that you could use Django.

These alternate ways come broadly in two varieties: Using parts of Django outside of it, and choosing alternatives to what Django offers. If you haven't done either of these things before, it may seem tricky or difficult. In fact, it may not be.

This talk will walk you through the process and talk about what to expect if your project just doesn't seem to "fit the mold".

I recommend you check out his blog and the presentation.

  • Blog:
  • Presentation:

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Python Sdk is rather badly maintained. Think you best option is Django Facebook:

Basic tutorial

If you just want to get started, check out Fandjango on github. Its a simple middleware layer that adds a facebook_user attribute to the request object when the user is logged in, and sets it to None when they are not logged in. It also has an easy way to call the Graph API with the users' credentials.

Note: It only works on Facebook Apps. Websites using facebook connect use a slightly different protocol.

Also note: Any library that references 'pyfacebook' is using the old FB API and you should avoid that. The new one that uses the Graph API is python-sdk. You shouldn't use python-sdk either since its deprecated - thanks @pydanny. I haven't researched it, but facebook-sdk looks actively maintained.


here, here and here + pyFacebook.


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