Computer is loading old website but its not a caching issue

Ok so I just had a domain switch hosts today and everything is going fine except for a few minor things that I know how to fix. However there is one issue that I have not come across before. One computer is not loading the new website. Its loading the old one still. I know what you are thinking, its a caching issue. Nope, doesn't seem so. I erased all cache on chrome and refreshed and it still loads the old site.

So I whipped out my laptop, and re-tested and sure enough the new site is live. But here is where things get interesting, I pinged the site from my laptop and got the correct ip address and such. I did it on the other computer and I was getting a completely different ip address.

So I thought, ok there could be something in the hosts file that could be forcing it to point to the old website but I didn't see anything in the file that looked unusual. This computer is running Windows 8 and the hosts file I checked was located in


I don't know what else to check. Any guesses?



You're seeing a cached IP address from DNS.

Run ipconfig /flushdns, and go to chrome://net-internals and flush its DNS cache.

I think you should flush your DNS. It can sometimes take a while for these things to be updated also. Hope this helps.

The dns might need some time to get updated. You can check the dns settings on the machine and check they are hitting the same server (ipconfig -all). It may get fixed automatically just by waiting 96 hours.

You can try to change the DNS settings to target a server that got updated more frequently (e.g. google's


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