Windows Azure Virtual Machine - Opening a port

I am trying to open a port in a Windows Azure virtual machine. I have a game listening in that port, and I am able to access it via localhost, so the game is running.

I have also opened the port in the firewall and created an end point in the virtual machine, but the port doesn't seem to be open to the outside world. I have tried accessing it both via the IP address and the DNS with the same results.

Is there anything else I should be doing? I have looked up several tutorials online and can't figure out what I am doing wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Irina, make sure you have configured your endpoint properly by setting the private and public port. Here's a documentation that explains the steps to accomplish this...

this has changed to this

enter image description here

I would recommend ignoring 100% of what is on google at the moment

In addition to described, you may need to create inbound rule in VM firewall. The settings in portal create forwarding from public IP towards VM. VM itself should allow applications to listen on the port. This may explain why this didn't work for Irina on some ports and worked on other ports.

Probably this is the latest solution at a time of writing this answer:

You need to create a Network Security Group (or use an existing one). The easiest way is to search for Network Security Groups in the search resources bar. If there is an existing NSG, click on it and find inbound security rules from the settings. Then add an inbound rule with your desired port.For example, I opened port 8080 on my VM with settings shown in picture below.

More info:

Azure inbound security rule example

For future reference, if you're trying to listen to 3000 or that range it simply does not work.

Go to the 8080's range, make the inbound rule and you're up and running.


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