docker-compose not downloading additions to requirements.txt file

I have a Django project running in docker. When I add some packages to my requirments.txt file, they don't get downloaded when I run docker-compose up

Here is the relevant commands from my Dockerfile:

ADD ./evdc/requirements.txt /opt/evdc-venv/
ADD ./env-requirements.txt /opt/evdc-venv/

# Active venv
RUN . /opt/evdc-venv/bin/activate && pip install -r /opt/evdc-        venv/requirements.txt
RUN . /opt/evdc-venv/bin/activate && pip install -r /opt/evdc-venv/env-requirements.txt

It seems docker is using a cached version of my requirements.txt file, as when I shell into the container, the requirements.txt file in /opt/evdc-venv/requirements.txt does not include the new packages. Is there some way I can delete this cached version of requirements.txt?

  • Dev OS: Windows 10
  • Docker: 17.03.0-ce
  • docker-compose: 1.11.2


docker-compose up doesn't build a new image unless you have the build section defined with your Dockerfile and you pass it the --build parameter. Without that, it will reuse the existing image.

If your docker-compose.yml does not include the build section, and your build your images with docker build ..., then after you recreate your image, a docker-compose up will recreate the impacted containers.


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