ASP NET - C#: Access controls by Id

In my ASP.Net project; I'm using C# as behind code.

One of my project functions creates some text boxes dynamically, according to user's needs. Each textbox has a different Id.

My question is how can I access those textboxes by Id?

Let say that were created 5 textboxes, how can I edit the code of specifically one of them?

Bellow is the actual code that I use to generate those textboxes:

int name_id = 1;
foreach (WebApplication5.ServiceReference1.ClientData client in Clients)
    TextBox1 = new TextBox();
    TextBox1.ID = name_id.ToString();
    TextBox1.Style["Position"] = "Absolute";
    TextBox1.Style["Top"] = y + "px";
    TextBox1.Style["Left"] = x + "px";
    TextBox1.Text = client.descricao;

    x = x + 10;
    y = y + 10;


You can do this in code behind;

TextBox tb1 = (TextBox)FindControl(name_id)

TextBox tb = Form.FindControl(TextBox1.ID) as TextBox

Only like this, the reson why you can't access by ID directly is they absent at *.designer.cs.


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