Can't dynamically add new literal to ASP.NET Panel Control

I'm trying to add dynamically controls to my WebForms control ASP:Panel in such way:

1). First of all, I'm defining some Literals in such way:

Literal paragraphBegin = new Literal();
paragraphBegin.Text = "<p>";
Literal paragraphEnd = new Literal();
paragraphEnd.Text = "</p>";
Literal breakLine = new Literal();
breakLine.Text = "<br />";

2). I have already defined Panel, which updates its content and I'm adding new items to it, like this:


3). Literals paragraphBegin && paragraphEnd are adding well, but not the breakLine Literal and I don't understand clearly - why isn't it adding?

The final problem occurs with the method in CodeBehind: SetSceneEditableUserInfo()

And the final result does look like:

enter image description here

As you see, Literal, which implements <br /> doesn't work at all. So, I also have tried to add some Literals firstly to the .Controls of Label (which is <span>, and which I thought will keep <br /> in its body), but also no success.

What I'm suppose to do, if I want to fix my issue?


try with



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