SQL Pivot Query with Dynamic Columns

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I've been searching in vain for too long now and have to admit defeat and ask for help, I'm trying to modify a pivot query to produce a dynamic query of results from a table with data like this:

    UserId        PageViewed         DateTimeStamp
    1             Index.html         2011-12-01 13:55:01
    1             FAQ.html           2011-12-01 13:58:53
    1             ContactUs.html     2011-12-01 14:00:16
    2             Index.html         2011-12-01 15:55:01
    2             FAQ.html           2011-12-01 15:58:53
    2             ContactUs.html     2011-12-01 15:00:16

To show something like this, where the page number columns depend on the number of pages visited by a user:

    User        StartTime        Page1        Page2        Page3
    1           13:55:01         Index.hml    FAQ.html     ContactUs.html
    2           15:55:01         Index.hml    FAQ.html     ContactUs.html

I've managed it by hard coding the columns in, but obviously I don't want to keep changing the script to accomodate more and more pages.

So far I have something along the lines of:

    SELECT p.UserId, 
        CONVERT(TIME, MIN(p.DateTimeStamp), 7) StartTime,
        ISNULL(p.[1],'') Page1
        ISNULL(p.[1],'') Page2
        ISNULL(p.[1],'') Page3
    (SELECT UserId
        ,ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY UserId ORDER BY DateTimeStamp) as pOrder
        FROM tbl) AS p
    PIVOT(MIN(PageViewed) FOR pOrder IN ([1],[2],[3]))

Any help or pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


The best example I've seen regarding dynamic pivoting is Itzik Ben-Gan's example. This related SO Question has a pretty good example of what you would need to do. Basically, you'll need to use some dynamic sql in order to accomplish your goal.


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