SQL Server : Querying Multiple Rows, Returning In One

We are currently working with some data which is stored as in the screenshot below. We are using this to display information in a C# application. The only way we can get the application to work as needed is to have the information in one single row.

We have tried some methods on Display multiple rows and column values into a single row, multiple column values to no avail.

Desired output
We require each row with the same date and vehicleID to be on the same row to be output from our stored procedure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

Current Dataset


if I understood correctly, you don't know how many unique date/vehicle_id combinations there are in the data. hence you can't just do a pivot over a set list of values.

in this case, you would need to build up a list of the date/vehicle ids dynamically, and then pivot over that list.

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