Ext JS - create a tool with dynamic tooltip on a panel

I have a panel and that panel has a load of tools.

these are defined in an array, eg:

myPanel.tools = [
    type : 'down',
    tooltip : 'Down',
    type : 'up',
    tooltip : 'Up',
    type : 'help',
    tooltip : 'Blah Blah',

But the above is fine if the tooltip is static, but I would like it to be updated whenever the user mouses over it.

Can you pass a function to the config to call when moused over or right before its shown? Is there another way.


tooltip excepts an config object where you can add a listener:

tooltip: {
    listeners: {
        'render': function(comp){
             comp.tooltip = "enter your tooltip";

now you can modify the component like you want.


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