find dynamic added panel

i'm adding a panel like this to my web application:

For i = 1 To amountOfRechnungspositionen + 1 
  Dim pnlPositon As Panel = New Panel
  pnlPositon.ID = "pnlPositon" & i

Now if i onclick a button, i want to delete this panel. This is my code.

Private Sub imgDelRechnungsPosition_Click(sender As Object, e As ImageClickEventArgs) Handles imgDelRechnungsPosition.Click

    amountOfRechnungspositionen = Convert.ToInt32(hfAmountofRechnungspositionen.Value)

    Dim fcpnlPositon As Panel = DirectCast(pnlRechungsposition.FindControl("placeholderID$pnlPositon" + amountOfRechnungspositionen.ToString()), Panel)

    hfAmountofRechnungspositionen.Value = Convert.ToString(amountOfRechnungspositionen - 1)

End Sub

But fcpnlPositon is Nothing. Waht i'm doing wrong?

Thank u, for reading.


Try using:

CType(pnlRechungsposition.FindControl("pnlPositon" + 
           amountOfRechnungspositionen.ToString()), Panel)

The placeholder text is only for client-side markup and thus you want to use the direct ID property.


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