How to run Blockly from the cloned repository?

I am trying run Google's Blockly.

I am learning how to use git bash for windows, and I have linked git with my Github account. I cloned the repository of blockly and I am able to view all of the files on my computer.

My question is:

How do I know which file will run blockly? This may seem dumb, but there is a mess of files, and I see no .exe file. This is frustrating me because I have all the files on my computer, but I still can't run the dang application.


It is a JavaScript library that you include in a website. You can run it locally but you will need to create a webpage and include the correct scripts.

Their getting started guide is quite good. Please reference here:

More specifically, how to inject blockly into your web site:

@zatta is correct. There are a bunch of demos in the project located here:

Each contains an index.html file that can be opened with your browser.


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