How to avoid exponential notation using Scratch?

In my program, I have a large string of numbers that have been compiled together, and I'm switching it back and forth between different base values. But when I switch back to decimal, the computer directly switches to a number using exponential notation. The program I'm using is Scratch, but as long as any algorithms that are given are readable, I should be able to translate.

Essentially, I just need a way to go from like 1.0e13 to 10000000000000. Any ideas?


This script is the best I could muster:

convert (number) to standard decimal block

And a sample output:
sample output script
enter image description here

As well as a project containing the custom block for your convenience:

Unfortunately, Scratch still rounds numbers, so your answers won't always be 100% exact, but at least they won't be in scientific (e) notation. If somebody else has an even better solution, I'd love to see it.


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