Cant horizontally scroll to access content in chrome

I have a grid made with ext js, which is essentially, as you may have guessed, a complex html table. In google chrome I notice that all the way to the right, the final column is 'cut off' by the browser, and I cannot horizontally scroll to reach it. Using the chrome developer tools I have verified that the column exists, and I can adjust it to be larger, but still cannot scroll to see it.

Any ideas what css properties could be causing this? The table is also wrapped inside a div.


overflow-x: hidden;

Will hide horizontal scrolling if your tables extends past the div

overflow: hidden; 

Will hide both overflow-x and overflow-y

Can you provide a link?

When you develop a grid with extJS, there won't be problem in css unless you explicitly modify it. Check your scroll property of grid. try scroll:true instead of horizontal or vertical with your extJS grid.


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