How to create installer for a Google Chrome Extension

I have developed a Google Chrome Extension that I need to automate installation for my users.

I have published it in Google Web Store but I don't want a user to search for it in order to install, because this extension is part of other development, including a C# application.

I am creating an installer that installs the C# application but I need to add the automatic installation for my extension. How can I do it?


Yes, you can. The procedure is described in the docs.


  • The installer adds a registry entry that contains the extension ID.
  • Upon next Chrome restart (you may want to ask the user to do it), the extension will be downloaded and then the user will be prompted whether he/she wants to install it.
    • If yes, you live happily ever after, with the extension bearing "Installed by a third-party" mark in the extension list.
    • If no, the extension will be disabled, and you cannot enable it yourself (you have to ask the user to do that by going to chrome://extensions/ or the CWS listing)
  • If the user ever uninstalls the extension, it will be blacklisted from ever attempting that install procedure on this Chrome profile; if the user changes his mind, he'll have to install it directly from the Store.

Leave clear instructions for your users: that they must restart the browser and expect/accept the prompt.

The best way to do this is the way that Xan wrote in his answer.

If you need to force install Chrome extensions in your company without user interaction. You can do this with ExtensionInstallForcelist policy or with master_preferences file. Both ways described here.


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