How to add only close button to right corner of chromeapp

I am new to chrome app development. I have searched through many reference but I couldn't find a way to add close button to chrome app as we can see in postman or in browser.

I have read this doc, but I am not able to write code. Can some one please tell me how to add those buttons.


In createWindowOptions their is one attribute as frame by default it is set chrome. I have set that option as none so that's why basic browser button like close, minimize and maximize was not visible.

I would recommend making your own frame and using a frameless window. Here is an example of it: Frameless Window Sample on Github

Otherwise, if you're ok with having the minimize and close buttons, you can set a min and max for width and height. This will get rid of the maximize button. {
      id: 'mainWindow',
      bounds: {width: 800, height: 600},
      maxWidth: 800, 
      maxHeight: 600


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