? How can I make a single event handler handle ALL Button.Click events?

In my program, I have 9 buttons, and I have 9 separate event handlers for each of them, despite the fact that the code in each event handler is the same. It is proving to be very tedious to change the
 ? How to handle events for dynamically generated controls?

This question already has an answer here: How can I make a single event handler handle ALL Button.Click events? 3 answers
 ? How to add current date and time on this button click on windows form

I am using windows forms application and creating some controls dynamically on form load.Controls created are Label, UltraDateTimeEditor and Button.I am using the below code to implement that. Private
 ? Working with Event Handlers in .NET

When adding handlers indiscriminately to an object's events, I realized that I can attach the same handler to an event as many times as I like. This means the handler is called once for each time it
 ? Handle events in another class

I'm trying to move some code into some class files to clean up my code. One area I'm having trouble with is reporting progress for events between the object performing the task and a progress bar.I gu
 ? Creating global event handlers using WithEvents for a GUI application in VB.NET

To get familiar with VB, I'm working on a frontend for a cli application by taking input from a user and feeding it as command line parameters to the said backend application. Here's a link to the rep
 ? VB.NET listview move files shown in the listview box

I have a folder(1) that will fill up with files and those files will show in the ListViewBox with a checkbox next to it. I am trying to figure out that when Button1 is pressed and the checkbox next to
 ? VB.Net ListView scrollbar and ListView.ItemChecked issues

I have a listview with checkboxes.I have a couple of issues I don't seem to be able to find the answers to:I don't seem to be able to find any properties to change the vertical scroll bar from the lef
 ? C# Dynamic WHERE clause in a LINQ to SQL Query

I would like to execute a LINQ query with a dynamic where clause depending on how many different options a user has entered for their criteria.Is this possible?I have posted code below of how I would
 ? Which ORM can preserve the correspondence between db schema and domain model?

It is the common case when domain model is changed during project development. If db schema is generated from domain model, then the following problem appears. When I change model, I need to change sc
 ? Can we use MongoDB with ORMs we used to use with relational databases, such as linq2sql, entity framework, subsonic,...?

I want to know if its possible based on your experience to use our previous experiences using .net ORMs with nosql db such as MongoDB.And also if you know samples doing this please refer in your answe
 ? Please suggest one .Net ORM, which supports runtime schema evolution

All RDBMSs support the ALTER TABLE command, which allows administrators to add new columns to tables, or to change the types of existing columns. I am looking for such a runtime schema evolution funct
 ? .NET 4 makes for better unit testing/mocking due to the ability to monkey patch?

Consider this about the up-coming Iron Python implementation.In theory it would allow monkey patching right? Good or bad, it matters not. Given someone else's non-testable code (at least easily) the d
 ? how to update product.wxs file dynamic

i want to make an application which includes dynamic screensaver. User can select multiple images from their PC and generate swf file. so i want to include swf file and images in the wix project dynam
 ? Has .NET removed the distinction between various languages?

We have always had languages that were preferable to be used in a particular scenario. For a quick prototype development, VB6 was an obvious choice. VB6 was chosen in projects that had a simple deskto
 ? Why does .NET use banker's rounding as default?

According to the documentation, the decimal.Round method uses a round-to-even algorithm which is not common for most applications. So I always end up writing a custom function to do the more natural r

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