? Monitor CPU and memory for Azure WebJob

I have setup application insights for a web app and I can see the performance figures such as CPU and memory consumed by the app. I have another app which contains only a webjob. How can I monitor CPU
 ? Error reading Custom ConfigurationSection on an Azure WebJob

I have a console application that has an app.config file with multiple ConfigurationSectionsAn example configuration section would be : public class ThrottlingConfigurationSection : ConfigurationSec
 ? Missing dotnet.exe in Azure WebJob

I'm trying to deploy a .NET Core Console App as an Azure WebJob. All files etc. are getting copied to the right directories but my console app its output is a .dll, so it requires dotnet.exe to start.
 ? .NET Core is not running in Windows 2008 Server R2

I installed the DotNetCore.1.0.0.RC2-SDK.Preview1-x64.exe in my Windows 2008 R2 x64 machine. When I try to run a dotnet command the following error occurs:C:\Users\Administrator>dotnet --versionFai
 ? DayPilotCalendar : How to show the names of the days from Sunday to Saturday without dates?

How to show the names of the days from Sunday to Saturday without dates in DayPilotCalendar ? I want to put on the screen : Sun , Mon .... Sat Thanks What you want is to set the HeaderDateFormat t
 ? Angular JS Sending Array data with $resource to .NET API

Yes, I know there is a gazillion posts about sending array data using angular $esource. I read this, this, and pretty much the top 10 google results on this topic, but I still can't make it work. I su

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