? Search for multiple words by prefix (trie data structure)

How can I use a trie (or another data structure or algorithm) to efficiently search for multiple words by prefix?For example: suppose this is my data set:Alice JonesBob SmithBobby WalkerJohn Doe(10000
 ? Determine Frequency of numbers showing up in dice rolls

For a game I'm trying to determine the frequency that a certain # will show up at a given # of dice being rolled. I know... that question seems odd. Let me try to explain it with real numbers.So, for
 ? How to avoid exponential notation using Scratch?

In my program, I have a large string of numbers that have been compiled together, and I'm switching it back and forth between different base values. But when I switch back to decimal, the computer dir
 ? How to check whether a number is prime or not (Algorithm using brute force)

I have designed an algorithm which takes an input and checks whether a number is prime or not. Is this correct? 1)Input num 2)counter= num-1 3)repeat 4)remainder = num%counter 5)if rem=0
 ? Optimally filling a 3D sphere with smaller spheres

I'm trying to optimally fill a 3D spherical volume with "particles" (represented by 3D XYZ vectors) that need to maintain a specific distance from each other, while attempting to minimize the amount o
 ? Algorithm for solving Flow Free Game

I recently started playing Flow Free Game. Connect matching colors with pipe to create a flow. Pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle in Flow Free. But watch out, pipes
 ? Planar Graph Layouts

What are some edge overlap minimization techniques when laying out a graph? (Preferably related to GraphViz) Also are there any existing software that can layout a graph in a planar fashion?Current La
 ? Optimal flexible box layout algorithm

I'm implementing the CSS3 flexible box layout module as defined by the W3C, which is similar to Mozilla's box model for xul. While these standards specify how the model should behave, they don't give
 ? Exploring an algorithm to find minimum chain containing certain items

Sorry, I cannot come up with the name of an algorithm or problem for the following algorithm. I will state the problem and then what I have tried and perhaps someone can point me in the right directi
 ? How to find list of possible words from a letter matrix [Boggle Solver]

Lately I have been playing a game on my iPhone called Scramble. Some of you may know this game as Boggle. Essentially, when the game starts you get a matrix of letters like so:F X I EA M L OE W B XA S
 ? Solving Nonograms (Picross)

Hey, it's Friday afternoon, let's have a fun puzzle/algorithm problem to solve.One of my favorite Nintendo DS games is Picross DS. The game is quite simple, it involves solving puzzles called Nonogram
 ? How can I find words in matrix of letters

This is another question I was asked in the telephonic interview: Given a dictionary and a crossword(2d matrix of characters) find all the dictionary words which can be found in the crossword.All I co
 ? keep going out of bounds in my recursive method to navigate and find all combinations of letters in a 4X4 matrix

This is part of a Boggle solver.I made a recursive method to traverse through a string matrix. MyLetteres has all the chars stored (ex. a, b, c...), MyLetteres1 is initialized as empty, and tracker is
 ? Why does DFS work when trying to find all valid words in a Boggle board

I was solving the Boggle game programmatically and noticed that Depth First Search can be used to find all valid combinations of letters in a board. A Boggle board is described here.Say we have a 4x4
 ? Algorithm for impelemnting a survey-like program

I wish to create a program in Java which will ask the user a number of questions and report some results. It is pretty much like a survey. In order to explain the problem better consider the followi
 ? Algorithm for product of n numbers

I have a question about running time of an algorithm that express the product of n numbers.. I think the best solution is divide and conquer which is based on halving the n element by 2 recursively an

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