? Should I use recursion or memoization for an algorithm?

If I have a choice to use recursion or memoization to solve a problem which should I use? In other words if they are both viable solutions in that they give the correct output and can be reasonably e
 ? Fast Entity Grouping (by location) algorithm

I'm dealing with a large group of entities that store locations. They are displayed on a map. I'm trying to come up with an efficient way to group near located entities into one entity when viewed fro
 ? Blend mode on a transparent and semi transparent background

In general, the "normal" blend mode equation looks like this:D = Sa * S + D * (1.0 - Sa)where D is destination color, Sa is source alpha and S is source color.Now, this works fine with fully opaque de
 ? What is the most efficient way to calculate the highest density given n number of double numbers and a double window

This problem may be similar to some existing density problems. Imagine an input file with n entries when n is unsigned long.What is the best efficient way to read the file and find the window with mos
 ? An algorithm which finds a path in a tree along the maximum node values at each level

I am looking for an algorithm wich finds a path in a tree along the maximum node values at each level. The following graphic illustrates the problem:If all nodes on a level would have unique values, t
 ? Hole in a Polygon

I need to create a 3D model of a cube with a circular hole punched at the center of one face passing completely through the cube to the opposite side. I am able to generate the vertices for the faces
 ? 3D surface Reconstruction algorithm

I have a 3D surface ( such as a cone). It is projected to a 2D plan in the form of contour, meaning that different Z will have different lines on 2D plan. The problem is from the contour, how to recov
 ? Using data structures and algorithms, other than queue and FIFO, for handling and prioritizing requests

Using queue and first-in-first-out algorithm seems like a standard way of dealing with requests to servers/databases/services. But could any other data structures and algorithms be used for dealing wi
 ? Visvalingam-Whyatt polyline simplification algorithm clarification

I'm trying to implement a polyline simplification algorithm. The original article can be found here: http://archive.is/Tzq2. It seems straightforward in concept but I don't understand the sample algor
 ? Counting the intersection points (lines) of two sets of sequences

I have to find an algorithm that can find the total amount of intersections between two sets of arrays, whereas one of the array is sorted.An example, we have these two arrays and we draw straight lin
 ? Generating data to test sorting algorithm

I would like to generate data to test sorting algorithms with. This accomplishes two things:Find bugs. The output could easily be checked if it was in fact sorted correctlyProfile the code and find wh
 ? Mean value and standard deviation of a very huge data set

I am wondering if there is an algorithm that calculates the mean value and standard deviation of an unbound data set. for example, I am monitoring an measurement value, say, electric current. I would

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