? How to restart countdown timer progress bar animation?

Good Day everyone :) i need help for my quiz app, i am new in android ,my problem is how can i restart the animation of progress bar? every time i get the correct answer. the timer is already restart
 ? Circular Progress Bar ( for a countdown timer )

Ok so I have a countdown timer of 15 seconds that works perfectly fine and I'd like to make a custom circular progress bar for that timer.I want to create a full circle that gets "slices of the pie (c
 ? Countdown Progress Bar not working Android

I have written the following code to create a countdown progress bar in my android app:ProgressBar gameTimer;CountDownTimer gameCountDownTimer;protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { s
 ? Circle progress bar with countdown

I have the following two programs progress, countDownTimer that works but need to combine them to achieve what I want.Please see the image below.I have the following issues.Progress bar not smoothCoun
 ? How to cancel countdown timer with progress bar in android?

I am developing an app which contain CountdownTimer with progress bar ,scenario is something like that there is a BroadcastReceiver which read sms from server .What I want to dismiss progress bar as
 ? How to set the color gradient of a progress bar programmatically?

I made some progress bars like you can see in this picture:I've been using gradients to make the progress bars more appealing, but I want to use color zones (e.g. 30% full is green, 65% full is yellow
 ? how to set Custom Progress bar in center?

I Created Sample program for custom progress bar. it is working but the problem i'm facing is that the progress bar is not set in the middle of the screen. I have to show list's View items before that
 ? Exoplayer and ProgressBar

I'm new to Android Studio and ExoPlayerI started the player to play videos but I don't know to detect if the player is buffering and show a progress bar to notify the user, any help please? You sho
 ? Tiny Circular ProgressBar inside Edittext on the left side

This question already has an answer here: android progressbar inside edittext 3 answers You can create an Relat
 ? Drawing top border on a shape on Android

I'm creating a custom progress bar (positioned under a WebView) and what I would like to draw is a 1dp-wide line between the WebView and the ProgressBar. I'm modifying existing drawable, namely progre
 ? Change size of elements after change language

I have a problem when I change the language of the APP in ZTE Blade Flex (720 x 1280 299ppp). When you start the APP, all the sizes all well:It seems that take the image (black border) from drawable-s
 ? Strict mode violations list

running adb logcat in the shell i see something like thisStrictMode policy violation; ~duration=337 ms: android.os.StrictMode$StrictModeDiskReadViolation: policy=23 violation=2what the policy=23 means
 ? Why StrictMode does not catch read/write operations by SQLite?

In my app I have the following setup for StrictMode: StrictMode.setThreadPolicy(new StrictMode.ThreadPolicy.Builder() .detectDiskReads() .detectDiskWrites() .detect
 ? App has violated self enforced strict mode violation

I am displaying the files in listview from sdcard in my application. I am doing this in AsyncTask. When I click on an item(file) in the listview it gives the following error11-28 09:39:40.426 26402-2
 ? StrictMode violation when using a phone number in a TextView

There is a StrictModeDiskRead violation when creating a layout containing a TextView with a phone number using the parameter android:autoLink="phone". This is using com.android.support:appcompat-v7:2
 ? red frame like stripes in android screen

we are developing an android device. its on android 4.4.2. My issue is that i am getting red frame like strip which occur at different frequencies. some come and go very fast. but some stay for some t

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