? @HostBinding and @HostListener: what do they do and what are they for?

In my meanderings around the world wide interweb, and now especially the angular.io style docs, I find many references to @HostBinding and @HostListener. It seems they are quite fundamental, but unfor
 ? Angular 2 Service error. Cannot find cause

I'm pretty new to Angular and have been stuck for some time now. I am trying to make a service that gets data from an internal webapi, it worked before but now it gives an error that i'm unable to sol
 ? Bootstrap at least one component before injecting Router Angularjs 2

I've google a lot for the issue but haven't find any related article or stackoverflow question though there are many question with the same title but different in scenario. I have not been able to req
 ? extends HTTP and call local method (error Symbol(Symbol.iterator)')

Update:Hi what I'm trying: extends Http service and intercept error status of all my POST request, but I don't understant Why I can't access to my method getTicket() inside my interceptor ? My HttpSer
 ? Example of http get using Angular2 final release 2.0.1 in ES5

Since ng.http.HTTP_PROVIDERS is deprecated in favor of ng.http.HttpModule, I cannot get HTTP GET request to work in my component.Here's the component:(function (app) {app.ServiceComponent = ng.core
 ? Inject the instance of a component in a service

For a any good reaon, I am trying to inject my component into a service, but I obtain a new instance of it. I reproduce my problem with this code : This component will display the instance number in h
 ? Angular 2 pass event from one component to the next

Parent component I have a list of clients and I am passing the client ID.<a (click)="onClient($event, ID)">edit</a> Viewexport class ListComponents public myformdata: number; onClient(ID

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