? just can add limited dynamically user control in updatepanel

Sorry for my language problem :DI've written below code and I have no problem with that but I can add more than 6 user control(DriverInfo.ascx) dynamically.I've tried a simpler code with a single text
 ? How to add a button control dynamically into a GridView cell ? VB.NET

Look, it´s simple. I have a GridView which is populated with data from my database.What I want is put a button in each cell that contains a specific datum.Pls, look the image below. It describes exact
 ? Dynamically added button click event fire only once

Well, it may seem a repetitious and old problem, but I could not find any solution to it. I am writing a web application which has many forms all working fine with AJAX, except one. This form has two
 ? Dynamic Button Click in Table

Creating a dynamic button and linking it to the same event for all buttons created.Private Sub PopulateNewOrders() Dim buttonNumber As Integer = 1 For Each value In NewOrdersList Dim butt
 ? Create onClick event for dynamically created button asp.net

This is my .aspx page<asp:Panel ID="Panel1" runat="server"> <asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="Button" OnClick="Button1_Click" /> <asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server"&
 ? how to create an asp button dynamically and add event to it

I'm trying to create a button dynamically on asp.net,but I can't add the event to it.What is wrong or missing below?Thanks in advance$ Button btn2 = new Button(); btn2.ID = "btnEdit"; b
 ? ASP.NET refresh Update Panel

I have a ListView inside of an Update Panel and wanted to change the Select Query from the code behind fired by a button click event and then reload the ListView inside of the Update Panel. Does anyon
 ? Create textbox dynamically without postback

I would like to have a button which onclick would dynamically create a textbox without any postback. I was trying to do it using the update panel but till now I have not managed to do it. Nothing is
 ? Second button Event is not happening in Update panel in aspx page

I have a aspx page in which i have putted two update panel with two submit buttons one in each...But on clicking second button it is not firing second button event it is taking first button validate m
 ? find dynamic added panel

i'm adding a panel like this to my web application:For i = 1 To amountOfRechnungspositionen + 1 Dim pnlPositon As Panel = New Panel pnlPositon.ID = "pnlPositon" & i pnlRechungsposition.Control
 ? Dynamically adding controls to a panel - layout question

I've successfully been able to add controls (labels, images, buttons, etc) to a panel control (using VB/ASP). This panel control, I refer to it as "insertpanel". Then I add this panel to the main pane
 ? Compiler executable file csc.exe cannot be found in .NET 4.5 Azure deployment

I have a site which was and works:ASP.NET 4MVC 3Entity Framework 4.3Running in an Azure web role (i noticed it was osFamily="1" which is weird as I expected it to be 2 - but anyway...)Azure SDK 1.7I
 ? What's the difference between these approaches to reference bundled CSS in ASP.NET Web Forms 4.5?

I used Visual Studio 2012 and the built-in template (under Add -> New Project) to create a brand new ASP.NET Web Forms web application project targeting .NET Framework 4.5. Inside the Site.Master page
 ? Detect release / debug in gulp using Visual Studio 2015

I've set up an ASP.NET 5 project in Visual Studio and created a gulpfile.js which I use to build my typescript and less files. For release builds, I want to uglify and concat my javascripts, and for d
 ? Using a wwwroot folder (ASP.NET 5 style) in ASP.NET 4.5 project

I quite like the approach of the new asp.net (asp.net 5\core 1.0) web apps with the wwwroot folder being the root and only static files in there being served up. Is possible through routing or other
 ? Calling a function / database update using Ajax via Jquery

Im creating a simple "Was this useful?" form with Yes and No objects- Using ASP.net webforms.I need the submission to be done via ajax using jquery, to prevent a user from voting multiple times on th

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