? read multiple values from a property file using bash shell script

Would like to read multiple values from a property file using a shell script My properties files looks something like below, the reason I added it following way was to make sure, if in future more stu
 ? Screenshots at Beginning and End of Video

I have over 1700 emulator videos I need to take screenshots of. I need one set of (Action) screenshots about 5 seconds into the start of the video and another set of (Title) screenshots at about 2 sec
 ? Pipe out a substring by removing the last N characters

This question already has an answer here: cutting last n character in a string using shell script 4 answers Pip
 ? UNIX: How to use find command to find full path if given partial path

I know how to find files usingfind . -name "file_name"But if I am given one part of a path, say "folder1/subfolder2/", how do I get all the full path that contains this partial path?Examplepartial pat
 ? Accessing environment variable inside the postinst script of the debian package

I have made a debian package for automating the oozie installation. The postinst script, which is basically a shell script, runs after the package is installed. I want to access the environment variab
 ? Jenkins And Launch Safari With Extensions

I'm running into issues where Jenkins will not launch safari with the installed extensions. When i take the same bash script and execute it via terminal (outside of jenkins) the script runs as expect.
 ? Did upstart or bash scripts change on Ubuntu 14.04? (Trying to boot sidekiq with upstart)

I'm fairly new to bash scripting, but it feel like I'm really missing something basic here. I'm trying to a barely modified version of Mike Perham's upstart sidekiq script on an Ubuntu 14.04 machine,
 ? How to use self-compiled Python from an Upstart script on Ubuntu 14.04

I'm trying to use a custom self-compiled Python version installed under "/opt" from an Upstart script on Ubuntu 14.04. General setup looks like following:The service configuration file defines a pre-s
 ? gprof output not being generated when executed in bash script

I've compiled and linked my application with -pg, and when running the application I get the correct gmon.out file and can analysis it with gprof. I am running a number of scripts under different situ
 ? How to profile a bash shell script slow startup?

My bash shell takes up to 3-4 seconds to start up, while if I start it with --norc it runs immediately.I started "profiling" /etc/bash.bashrc and ~/.bashrc by manually inserting return statements and

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