? MVC-binder fails to bind complex-viewmodel-property in form submit

I'm using Umbraco MVC to build a form four our webpage. I have a ViewModel which is actually a property to another ViewModel, and is populated using a partial-view in the razor-form below. For whateve
 ? Error: An error occurred while preparing the command definition

I have 2 stored procedures under Function Imports in Model Browser, lets say ProcA and ProcB, each with their own Complex Type, let's say TypeA and Type2, respectively. TypeA properties:Int32 SomeId;S
 ? Entity Framework: The 'ComplexType.Field' property does not exist or is not mapped to type 'Entity'

I have a problem with mapping properties on value objects/complex types to entities. I have a user entity which has a complex type property called Credential, which in turn has properties: Email, User
 ? ASP.NET MVC, Remove [Required] on complex properties types types

I would like to make the sub properties of a complex type required ONLY in certain circunstancies. for this purpose i'm using FoolProof lib.For instance, To register a work week schedule.I do have a P
 ? Angularjs in Asp.net MVC project calling web api controller

I am working on a project that use ASP.NET MVC, AngularJs and WebApi 2.0.I am calling a web api controller from angularjs. I must create the first web api controller. So I updated the start_applicatio
 ? Getting the error: “No HTTP resource was found that matches the request URI” in WebAPI and AngularJS

I'm very confused. I'm using ASP.NET WebApi 2 as rest api and AngularJS for the SPA. My application uses 4 rest requests. but only one doesn't work and I don't know why.I've defined the process as fol
 ? AngularJS Web Api AntiForgeryToken CSRF

I have an AngularJS Single Page Application (SPA) hosted by an ASP.NET MVC application.The back-end is ASP.NET Web Api.I would like to protect it against CSRF attacks by generating an AntiForgeryToken
 ? Trouble generating csrf tokens in .net mvc and angular

I'm following this guide:http://www.asp.net/web-api/overview/security/preventing-cross-site-request-forgery-(csrf)-attacksI've added this snippet to the top of my index.cshtml<script> @functi
 ? Complex object not getting bound to JSON data

I have two ViewModel objects TalentViewModel and EditTalentViewModel. Here are their respective codes:TalentViewModelpublic class TalentViewModel{ [JsonProperty(PropertyName = "TalentId")] publi

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