? can't find error Invalid read of size 4 valgrind

I have implemented multitask application in c++. Producer push on queue, and consumer get elements from queue. Sometimes my application crashed. Could someone help me with this problem. sfValgrind out
 ? Destructor for LinkedList of LinkedLists

For an assignment in one of my programming classes we have to make an adjacency list that is a linked list of linked lists that would look like this.A->B->C↓B->A->D↓C->D↓D->A->B->CI'm having trouble w
 ? NCurses memory allocation valgrind message

I've been teaching myself NCurses lately and I decided to test my code in valgrind to check for any memory leaks. This small amount of code gives the same error result as my program and I would like t
 ? Wt c++ critical error when creating WApplication object

I have problem with my Wt web application. It's rather simple app, I do not need to deploy it on any external server (only localhost), so built in whttpd server provided by framework is sufficient for
 ? Get json from Wt::Http::Request& request

I have problem with json request :(I have classclass ForumCreate : public Wt::WResource and functionvirtual void handleRequest(const Wt::Http::Request& request, Wt::Http::Response& response)re
 ? Wt::WFileUpload File Too Large

I am trying to enable the user to upload multiple large XML and text files for further processing, but WFileUpload isn't allowing anything over 128kb, and I can't figure out a way to override the defa
 ? How to update webpage after creation in wt(c++)

I am new to wt and just started adding web interface to a lagacy c++ program. The example hello_world works fine. However the examples given are all about create a webpage and the page can react to ev
 ? Memory profiler for xll written in C++

I have an Excel addin (compiled to xll) written in C++ that I currently suspect have some sort of memory leaks. However the leaks are relatively small in size and I can only see Excel crashing after r
 ? Tools for statically analyzing the size of a native Windows binary?

Are there such tools? If so, what are they called, and is there a generic, searchable term? "Image size profiler" doesn't seem to yield many results. I'm not even certain how you would tag this.I'm lo
 ? How to profile the memory consumption by a set of C++ classes?

I am trying to figure out the memory consumption by my (C++) program using gprof. The program does not have a gui, it is entirely cli based.Now, I am new to gprof, so I read a few tutorials, that taug
 ? What do you think about mapmalloc?

I found following memory profiler:http://www.solucorp.qc.ca/miscprj/mapmalloc.hcIt should be light and fast. Can someone share any experience with it? Why don't you use valgrind Massif tool? It sho
 ? Looking for Multi-Platform Memory Leak detection programs

Ok I have a school assignment to basically pick 3 memory leak detecting programs and run them on a bunch of c++ programs that the teacher supplies us and see how they compare to each other. These 3 pr
 ? Visual C++ 14 - cannot build a simple thread program which builds on Visual C++ 12

I have this MCVE#include <iostream>#include <thread>class Foo{ void bar_i() { std::cout << "hello" << std::endl; }public: void bar() { // I don't know why I use
 ? Expected way to unit test code in an existing UWP project?

I've been stuck trying to get unit tests up and running. I can create a Universal Unit Test App and run simple tests, but what is the expected and suggested way to integrate this into a larger UWP pro
 ? Calculate mean and standard deviation from a vector of samples in C++ using Boost

Is there a way to calculate mean and standard deviation for a vector containing samples using Boost? Or do I have to create an accumulator and feed the vector into it? Using accumulators is the way
 ? finding the average of sums made in a loop in c++

Hello everyone I'm trying to find the average of a random amount of numbers that are input into a loop. For sum reason after the loop im able to print the right total, but when i try to find the aver

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